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Fred Nicora

Fred Nicora

Fred Nicora has followed a path of unexplained restlessness ignited by undisclosed triggers in his efforts to find the right fit for his own identity and seek truth in his life.  Careers explored on his journey include health care administration, architecture, business consulting, high school and middle school teaching, corporate business management, and his own entrepreneurial endeavors including a startup fitness-based nutrition company and now authoring stories reflecting his perspective and insights of experiences from traumatic events and unusual life altering experiences including his status as a Late Discovery Adoptee.  His work thoughtfully examines self-identity, adoption, recovery from addiction, spiritual, mental, and physical fitness, and faith.

Fred’s other passion is developing and selling nutrient packed, delicious, gluten free baked products sold as Fred’s Breads,  Offerings focus on a unique blend of mouth-watering flavor combinations naturally high in protein with additional protein boosts available.  Some products are also offered as vegan gluten free. 

Fred holds a B.S. in Business Administration, an M.S. in Management Technology, a Master’s in Architecture and a secondary lifetime Teaching License via a master’s program.  Following a traumatic life altering event, Fred struggled with drug and alcohol addiction eventually finding sobriety and his need for spiritual, mental, and physical health. 

A father of three grown children, Fred currently lives and maintains a small hobby farm in Southeastern Wisconsin where he breeds and sells registered Dexter cattle.  Lines are bred for excellent temperament, in both polled and horned options with strong confirmation in both milking and beefing lines.

Fred can be contacted at:

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