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 "The story gets you hooked and you won’t want to put it down. With each chapter you will want to know what happens next!"  Kaili - Amason User  
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Word Haven Books - Sheboygan, WI

Daydream Believer Books & Gifts - Lake Mills, WI

Barnes & Noble East Town Mall - Madison, WI

Barnes & Noble West Mineral Point - Madison, WI

Barnes & Noble at Melody Farm - Chicago, Il

Barnes & Noble at Deer Park - Chicago, Il

Barnes & Noble - Green Bay, WI

Mystery to Me Bookstore - Madison, WI

Boswell Books - Milwaukee, WI

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Fred Nicora

About Fred Nicora

Fred Nicora has followed a path of unexplained restlessness ignited by undisclosed triggers in his efforts to find the right fit for his own identity and seek truth in his life. Forbidden Roots reveals insight into Nicora's restlessness as the result of his shocking and life altering discovery that he was adopted at birth.

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